A Comprehensive Review of Breezeline’s Internet Plans and Packages for 2024

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Breezeline’s Internet Plans and Packages for 2024: Breezeline, which used to be called Atlantic Broadband, is a cable company in New England that offers internet plans beginning at $19.99/mo. Customers of Breezeline cable can also get internet, TV, and phone packages.

A look at Breezeline

Breezeline Internet has been around since 2004 and is based in Quincy, Massachusetts. There are four plans for Breezeline, with speeds of 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 Mbps. Breezeline cable is a regional service that covers a smaller area. If you live in an area that Breezeline serves, it offers speeds that are similar to those of big names like Spectrum and Cox for a lower starting price. Just type in your address to see what Breezeline internet deals are available where you live.

Breezeline’s Internet Plans and Packages for 2024: Plans and prices for Breezeline internet

With Breezeline’s home Wi-Fi deals, you can set up your own network and get free gear for the first 24 months. The normal fee to rent tools is $14.99 per month.

Plan Starting price* Download/Upload speeds Standard rate*
Base $19.99/mo. 100/10 Mbps $59.99/mo.
Fast $29.99/mo. 200/20 Mbps $79.99/mo.
UltraFast $39.99/mo. 500/50 Mbps $99.99/mo.
GigaFast $59.99/mo. 1,000/50 Mbps $199.99/mo.

How we felt about Breezeline

One of the best things about Breezeline is that it has low starting prices and internet deals with no contract or data cap. The fact that speeds are limited to 1 GB and service is only available in 11 states made Breezeline’s score a little lower. Also, Breezeline’s fees are very low at first. But after 24 months, equipment rental fees start to add another $15/month to the price. The cable internet service from Breezeline got a score of 3.8 out of 5.

Breezeline’s Internet Plans and Packages for 2024: The best internet deals from Breezeline

Find out what’s good and bad about the best Breezeline internet deals.

Base is the cheapest plan.

This plan is great for people on a budget who only want to check email, browse the web, and join up to five devices at once. There are no contracts or early termination fees (ETFs) with the Base plan, and you can set up your own modem and computer for free. Slow upload speeds (up to 10 Mbps) and a $40/mo price hike after 24 months are two problems with this plan.

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Ultrafast is the fastest for downloading

The UltraFast plan from Breezeline has an upload speed of up to 50 Mbps, which is great for posting to social media, sending work or school emails with big attachments, and connecting more than five devices at once. Plus, the 500 Mbps download speeds make it easy to watch and play games. After two years, though, this plan goes up by $60 a month.

GigaFast is the best way to connect more than 10 devices

The fastest Breezeline plan gives you up to 1 GB of speed and plenty of data. This plan lets you watch and play games on multiple devices at the same time, but it might not be available everywhere.

Breezeline’s Internet Plans and Packages for 2024: Internet plans with Breezeline cable

With a Breezeline TV and internet deal, you can add TV to your internet plan for less than $20 a month. There are no separate TV deals from Breezeline. Every Breezeline TV package comes with a TiVo box and more than 50 channels. Most TV plans come with streaming, live sports, and on-demand content. You can also add extra TV boxes and channel packages to make your TV deal unique.

Plan Starting price* No. of live channels Internet speed
Base + TV $39.97/mo. 50+ 100 Mbps
Fast + TV $49.97/mo. 50+ 200 Mbps
UltraFast + TV $59.97/mo. 50+ 500 Mbps
GigaFast + TV $79.97/mo. 50+ 1,000 Mbps

Breezeline vs Other Providers

AT&T, Frontier, T-Mobile 5G, and HughesNet are some other high-speed internet service companies that serve the same area as Breezeline. Breezeline has the lowest starting price of these ISPs. But if you need speeds faster than 1 GB, AT&T or Frontier fiber internet is the best choice.

The speeds on T-Mobile’s $50/mo. plan are about the same as Breezeline’s Fast plan. T-Mobile’s plan costs more at first, but it’s a better deal in the long run because Breezeline’s 200 Mbps plan costs $80/mo. after two years. HughesNet is another option for internet access in rural places, but Breezeline is a better choice because it has more data limits and faster speeds.

Provider Speed range Starting price range* Connection type
Breezeline 100–1,000 Mbps $19.99–$59.99/mo. Cable
AT&T Fiber 300–4,700 Mbps $55–$180/mo. Fiber
Frontier 500–5,000 Mbps $39.99–$154.99/mo. Fiber, DSL
Hughesnet 25–50 Mbps $49.99–$79.99/mo. Satellite
T-Mobile 5G Home up to 245 Mbps $50/mo. 5G

Breezeline’s Internet Plans and Packages for 2024: Breezeline’s coverage and places where it’s present

In cities in 11 states, Breezeline is offered, such as:

  • Plainfield, New Haven
  • Delaware’s Middletown
  • Beach in Miami, Florida
  • Cumberland County, Maryland
  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Ohio City, Cleveland
  • North Aiken, South Carolina
  • Ohio City, Johnstown

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Customer service at Breezeline

  • For customer help, call 1-888-536-9600, which is the Breezeline number.
  • Breezeline internet outages: Enter your ZIP code to see if the internet is down in your area.
  • How to fix problems with your router, TV, or internet connection, like Wi-Fi that won’t work.

Easy bill payment

You can pay your Breezeline bill online (you’ll need your Breezeline login), in the Breezeline app, or in person at a Western Union store. Through the Affordable Connectivity Program, homes that qualify can get free Breezeline internet up to 100 Mbps.