Breaking News: Bobby Kotick Joins Forces With OpenAI’s Sam Altman in TikTok Sale Saga

As it stands, a new rule in the US might make the app illegal or require it to sell itself.

Bobby Kotick Joins Forces With OpenAI's Sam Altman

Bobby Kotick Joins Forces with OpenAI’s Sam Altman: It looks like Bobby Kotick wants to buy TikTok. He used to be CEO of Activision Blizzard but quit last year. As it stands, a new rule in the US might make the app illegal or require it to sell itself.

The Journal says Kotick is looking for partners for a possible deal. He first told Altman about the idea last week at a dinner during the Sun Valley meeting. The Journal says OpenAI might be able to teach its AI models on TikTok.

Controversy behind Bobby Kotick

Kotick was in charge of Activision for over 30 years. He never quit without a good reason. Last year, the company paid off a lawsuit that said it tolerated sexual harassment and racism against women while Kotick was in charge. Some people said this workplace had a “frat boy culture.”

The Wall Street Journal story also said that over the years, Kotick knew about claims of wrongdoing and attacks but didn’t always tell the board. The Verge said he was also charged with bothering other people. ActiveBlizzard, a company, said the story was “misleading.”

When the claims were made public, employees of Activision Blizzard spoke out against Kotick and asked him to step down, but he didn’t. He did his job until 2023 when Microsoft bought the business.

Why will this bill be a big game changer for TikTok?

Since the US Congress brought up the RESTRICT Act last year, there has been a lot of attention on TikTok. The main idea behind the bill is that it would make TikTok a foreign company and force them to cut ties with ByteDance.

The US government recently agreed 50-0 to bring the bill to a vote in the House. This took place after TikTok users were told to call their representatives and ask them to vote against it.

It would be taken off of app stores in the US if they didn’t do this.

Bobby Kotick plans to buy TikTok
Bobby Kotick plans to buy TikTok [Credit: PC Gamer]
At the same time, TikTok has been asking its millions of US fans to support the laws that are changing quickly. The app asked users to get in touch with their reps through alerts last week.

The bill is expected to pass the House vote since it was passed by the Energy and Commerce Committee last week with no changes. The idea will be looked at more closely by the Senate if the House agrees with it.

The bill’s growth right now means one big thing for TikTok: the company will have to sell its assets or be taken out of business in the US.

Now this is where Kotick comes in. He might be a businessman who wants to buy ByteDance’s TikTok so that it can stay in business in the US. Most people know Kotick for making the Call of Duty series a big hit.

The safety of TikTok’s users’ data and its ties to China worry lawmakers. But The Wall Street Journal says that if Sam Altman is added to a possible deal, it could go wrong. One reason for this is that OpenAI might be able to use TikTok to teach its AI models. This decision may not be the best for people either.

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