Breaking: Google Cache Starts Crawling the Desktop Version Instead of Mobile Version

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Google does indexing via Google crawler that analyses the meaning and content, which is stored in the Google index. The pages that are indexed are shown on Google Search results, while the crawling is done before indexing, google sometimes also indexes the pages without access to their content. In today’s time, if you add up the total number of hours that you spend looking at your phone, the number would be fairly high. Knowing this, the companies put the effort in search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize their reach for consumers to view on your device.

Until now, Google crawling was more focused on the mobile version but now started crawling the desktop version. This was noticed on the cached version of websites like Indian Express, news18, times of India and Bhaskar.

indian express

news 18

times of india

dainik bhaskar

Mobile SEO vs Desktop SEO

Using a mobile device is a much quicker format of consuming content compared to using a computer where one is required to boot the system. In today’s day and age, both desktop and mobile SEO are important to improve visibility, however, both are important for gaining greater benefits. Talking of indexing, the search results for mobile and desktop are usually similar, but not quite the same.

In Desktop SEO, a lot of focus is put on maximizing the space as the displays are larger on computers compared to mobile phones. While the size works well for components like placement, text size, pop-up message and search layout, the Mobile SEO, on the other hand, is required to take the screen size limitation into account when in comes to text size, layout and white space.

Due to a smaller screen, the mobile device doesn’t get two columns on the SERPs results, as fewer results are shown on the mobile pages compared to the desktop page.

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