Big statement by Swiss Ambassador Ralph Heckner on 75 years of India-Switzerland friendship

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Swiss Ambassador Ralph Heckner

As the completion of a 75-year relationship with India, Swiss Ambassador Ralf Heckner stated that amicable and peaceful relations between Switzerland and India are the way forward, alluding to the time of strife and war between the two nations. He said that in today’s era of war, the friendship treaty between the two countries is an example.

Speaking at an event organized at the Embassy of Switzerland on Friday, the Ambassador said, “Today we are celebrating friendship and peace.” These are two words that we find in that treaty. Especially today in the age of war…Peaceful and friendly relations between Switzerland and India are definitely the way forward.

Clouds of floating flowers

A friendship pact was inked 75 years ago between India and Switzerland. Switzerland was the first nation to sign a friendship pact with India upon its independence. Many symbols made through floral artwork were used to commemorate the historic turning point in the relationship between India and Switzerland. The star of the show was the flower arrangement by famous Swiss artist Philipp von Arx, who worked with Indian floral designers to create flower clouds that hovered over the garden and embassy building.

India-Switzerland treaty signed in 1948

Let the blend of traditional bamboo craftsmanship and artistic floral designs transcend boundaries, symbolizing the shared values of celebration, prosperity and sustainability. The “Treaty of Friendship and Establishment” was signed by India and Switzerland on August 14, 1948. This was the first agreement of its kind, and one of the first bilateral agreements made by independent India.

Thousands of flowers were brought from Indian cities

Many other flowers including an astonishing 30,000 marigolds, 9,000 dianthus and 320 heliconias brought from different regions of India were also used for this unique show. It captured the interaction of nature with itself, with vivid hues and calming foliage. It was also a masterful use of light and shadow technology. Swiss artist Philipp von Arx said about his art, flowers also have a special language.

For more than 200 years, the Arcs family has been involved in the flower industry. “Flowers have a language that everyone in the world understands,” he stated. We disregarded this guideline in order to construct free-style clouds because the Swiss Embassy has a very robust symmetrical architecture.

Each cloud has a There is a different shape, inside every cloud there are other flowers and especially flowers are related to water and they bring rain, just like it rains flowers on the earth.” Indian flower artists – Shriram Kulkarni, Adarsh Suresh And space designer Sagar Singh also participated in the festival.

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