Battling the Blaze of Forest Fires in J&K

Battling the Blaze of Forest Fires in J&K

Battling the Blaze of Forest Fires in J&K: Kulgam district on Thursday, according to the government. They said that the fire was put out by the tools and people of the Forest Department and the Fire and Emergency Services.

Battling the Blaze of Forest Fires in J&K

Officer in Charge of Forests (DFO) Kulgam, Syed Waseem Gull, said that the fires were reported in the evening from the Pranhal and Chimber parts of the south Kashmir district.

Gull said that cleaning drills have also been held to make sure the fire doesn’t happen again.

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The officer told the people that they shouldn’t bring anything that could catch fire near woods and that they should put out all the flames when they were done making charcoal.

The Forest Department has warned that there is a higher chance of forest fires in Jammu and Kashmir because the weather has been dry for a long time.

“With dry winter conditions and increased human activity in forested areas, the potential for devastating blazes is significant which can cause loss of life and property, damage to soil fertility, biodiversity, and climate patterns and health hazards,” the department stated.

”Don’t burn leaves, bushes, grass, stubble and debris near forest areas,” the advisory said.