All Set! Google is Ready to show Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 in India

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Tomorrow is big event day in India because election commission of India will release the election results for Lok Sabha 2024 on including two states of assembly elections. Indian Media Publisher’s will cover the Indian general election result since early morning with depth analysis and winning leading number will be reflected by news publisher at 8:00AM onwards. TV channels and digital publisher will do likely the same activity on election results but in Digital ERA digital media to achieve the highest number’s gives extra effort on big event. Editorial team publishes the news article on real time for election counting along with live multiple live blogs.

Live blog has special feature to show in SERP which ranks easily in search engine while article rank for limited time in top stories carousel but live blog sustains the raking on particular event base topic which is specially designed with technical features for event. In live blogs have live blog schema apart from news article other schema’s elements which helps to boost in keywork ranking with live cards.

Google makes live cards in search ranking with every update which indicated to user that latest blog updates with relevant information which users are searching google. tomorrow every Indian news publisher will show the winning/ leading seat numbers on their platform when user’s interact on websites then it converts in the actual user’s digitally. every publisher’s started working few months back and still working on this to achieve their goal. Publisher has brought data from ADR to implement on the website and App’s to show the election result. SEO’s are working to get rank in google SERP on top position. Earlier google has showed result dashboard of winning and leading candidates with political party details on the home page of google search. Now google has ready to show idian general election leading trailing party details on google search home page as given below image.


Election result widget / dashboard which is showing by google is designed as per user perspective which is showing meaningful data. After searching the election related queries on google search result will be displayed by google user will interact on these widgets and user can understand in simplest way, By seeing it user’s doesn’t required to go anywhere to see the election result metrics because in this widget winning /leading /train information is available. if user’s want to know about the deep analysis about the constituency or politician details the user’s and move on another search results which news and information is published by publishers.

by showing result of election dashboard by google, might be user’s will less click on SERP links and publisher’s may not get huge clicks on search result of their website links.

This article is published by Eyes On News team based research on Lok Sabha Election Result on SERP Links.

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