97,000 Indians arrested in America while entering illegally: American MP in Parliament

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About 97 thousand Indians who entered in a year America illegally have been arrested. This data is for one year i.e. October 2022 to September 2023.

According to US Customs and Border Protection data, out of the 96,917 Indians arrested, 30,010 were caught at the US-Canada border. At the same time, 41,770 Indians were arrested while crossing the US-Mexico border.

American MP James Lankford said in Parliament – In the last one year, about 45,000 Indians have crossed America’s southern border illegally. These Indians feel afraid in their own country.

According to American media Wall Street Journal, the number of Indians coming to America has increased due to political and religious persecution in India. Lack of economic opportunities i.e. jobs in our country is also a big reason.

According to the report, between 2012 and 2022, the number of Indians entering America through Mexico has increased 100 times. In 2012, America’s Customs and Border Patrol Police had registered 642 such cases.

Whereas in the year 2022, this number increased to 63,927. At the same time, according to the think tank New American Economy, Indians are at third place in entering America illegally.

Indians are risking their lives

Indians are even risking their lives in pursuit of the American Dream. On January 21 last year, the bodies of four people of a Gujarati family were found buried in snow in Canada, 30 miles east of America. This family wanted to enter America illegally and got caught in the snow storm.

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