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Milkha Singh Early Life, Career and Achievements

India’s Milkha Singh is one of the most respected athletes in history. Born in a rural village in the northern India, Singh rose to become one of the most successful athletes in Olympic history. Singh is originally from the village of Govindpura in Punjab, and he was only able to achieve his level of success by working incredibly hard.

Milkha Singh’s Early life

From childhood, due to poor conditions, he even had to beg for food and spend nights in hunger. He has come through all these experiences and achieved success by practicing racing with running, and by taking part in various local level racing competitions, and has won in every competition. His only support was his elder sister who was his guide and only motivation. He has been groomed and brought up almost completely by his elder sister. He, from childhood, was completely into sports and running. He has seen and experienced hunger and that is why he has made himself capable enough to chase whatever he wanted and desired at a lightning pace.

Milkha Singh’s Career

Being from a very backward area, the resources, opportunities, and thinking were so lacking that people rarely dare to dream. In such a situation, Milkha Singh has set an example that we have every right to see a dream, live it, and make it happen. This has been possible because of his immense hard work and blood-sweating dedication and discipline toward his dream. He made his stand in 200m and 400 m competitions at Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956. After becoming a national idol he represented our nation and made us and our country proud. His emergence in Indian sports has highlighted India globally in sports and culture. His achievements and dedication are remarkable. He had great training in army services, from where he picked his best shots and continued practicing running throughout his life.

Milkha Singh’s Achievements

Milkha’s greatest achievement is the Padma Shri award, for his giant success in sports and athletics. He has been awarded gold medals in the 1958 and 1962 Asian Games. He has won numerous gold medals including at the Commonwealth Games in 400 meters race.

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