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Meta Next-Gen AI Tools for Video and Image Editing: Meta’s Innovation Wave

Meta Next-Gen AI Tools for Video and Image Editing

Meta Next-Gen AI Tools for Video and Image Editing

Meta Next-Gen AI Tools for Video and Image Editing: Meta has shown off two new generative AI tools that can be used to edit photos and make video assets.

The projects will eventually be added to Facebook and Instagram, letting people who make content make videos and edit photos in the stream instantly by using text prompts.

Meta: Next-Gen AI Tools for Video and Image Editing

Emu Video can take text prompts and turn them into short video clips. A person could type in “a dog playing fetch,” for instance, and the tool would make a video of a dog playing fetch.

Meta stated that “In human evaluations, our video generations are strongly preferred compared to prior work—in fact, this model was preferred over Make-A-Video by 96% of respondents based on quality and by 85% of respondents based on faithfulness to the text prompt.”

Emu Video can also turn simple text or still images into high-quality video content. A person could give the tool a picture of a cat and ask it to make it into a cartoon, for instance.

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On the other hand, Emu Edit is an image editor that can do many things, such as local and global changes, adding and removing backgrounds, changing colors and shapes, finding things, and separating them into groups.

Meta said, “Emu Edit precisely follows instructions, ensuring that pixels in the input image unrelated to the instructions remain untouched.”

The tool can also accurately follow detailed instructions, making sure that pixels in the input image that aren’t needed for the tasks stay the same. Here is a video that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, put up.

Meta’s new generative AI tools could be used in a huge range of situations. For instance, they could make animated stickers and GIFs, come up with new ideas, spice up reels, and send each other personalized birthday wishes.

In a statement, a representative for Meta said, “Although this work is purely fundamental research right now, the potential use cases are clearly evident. Imagine generating your own animated stickers or clever GIFs on the fly to send in the group chat rather than having to search for the perfect media for your reply.” “While certainly no replacement for professional artists and animators, Emu Video, Emu Edit, and new technologies like them could help people express themselves in new ways — from an art director ideating on a new concept or a creator livening up their latest reel to a best friend sharing a unique birthday greeting. And we think that’s something worth celebrating.”

The tools could cut down on the time that creative and media teams spend going back and forth by a lot. This would free up resources for more strategic tasks, like analyzing the audience.

The way people make and edit video and picture content might change with Meta’s new generative AI tools. We won’t be able to say for sure what they are before we see how they work in real life.

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Making different video assets and image edits instantly cuts down on the time that creative and media teams have to go back and forth, freeing up resources for more strategic tasks like analyzing the audience. Marketers can also get ideas from having quick access to a wide range of creatives.

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