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Google’s new SGE ad format soon? Testing by search engine underway

Google may bring a new ad format within its Search Generative Experience (SGE) as the search engine appears to have been experimenting with a new SGE ad format.

The changes are expected because when select users asked Google follow-up questions to queries, SGE gave an AI-generated answer alongside sponsored content titled “You May Also Like”.

A carousel of products are displayed a product title, image and company name in the feature.

Why is it important?

It is anticipated that SGE may decrease CTR (Click-Through Rate) by up to 30 per cent for both organic and sponsored content.

But it’s also expected that if brands secure higher placements within the SGE, the CTR will have positive effects.

However, these talks are still in the air and there is no any official confirmation on this. No sooner the latest probable changes will be implemented as the new ad formats are yet under testing, and Google has not confirmed details about potential costs for these placements. But, yes, the marketers need to stay alert.

Reports on social media suggest that Google is ‘clearly testing sponsored content’. SEO consultant Glenn Gabe noticed the new ad format test.  He shared his findings on X.

“We know Google has explained it wants to test more ads in the SGE answer & possibly sponsored parts of the answer. Well, I saw this sponsored module while testing SGE. The carousel of sponsored content showed up after asking follow-up questions,” tweeted Gabe.

He further wrote it was worth noting.

“Only had these show up for about a day in SGE… then nothing. So Google is clearly testing the module of sponsored content (and it was based on follow-up questions in SGE). If you focus on paid, definitely a big heads-up,” Gabe tweeted.

Take a first look

Gabe posted a screenshot of “You May Also Like” sponsored content within SGE:

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