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Google Search Console Updates Page Experience Overview Screen

Google Search Console Updates
Google Search Console Updates

Google Search Console Updates: This month Google has updated the page experience report in the Google search console to show more of an informational page with the links to the same reports. The Google wrote that the search console page experience report is evolving to help the site owners considering the page experience more holistically as part of the content creation process. The Google has told us about update months ago that this is going to be happen. With this update users may have relied on this report for some of your SEO work. With these changes, user will need to adapt some of your reporting practices going forward.

Google New Update

The new overview page for the page experience report it says that Google’s core ranking systems look to reward content that provides a good page experience to user. The search console has reports for two aspects which you may wish to consider are core web vitals and https. Moreover, the page experience involves more than just these two aspects. The other aspects of page experience are a good page experience focuses on many different aspects, not just one or two. Understand how to check if you’re providing an overall great page experience.

The Changes in Update

In update Google also noted that they are also retiring the good page experience search appearance filter from the performance report, as the page experience has evolved to include more aspects than just core web vitals and https. So to allow time for adjusting your API calls, the support for this search appearance filter in the search console API will be removed in 180 days.

And also the things which Google has removed is the page experience report from search console and the good page experience search appearance filter from the performance report in search console.

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