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O’Neil Delapenha as Iskinder, Kevin A. Walton as Dwight, and Christian Vandepas as Aaron Feldman in Ground Up & Rising’s The Recommendation

The Recommendation Satisfies In Its Subtleties At Ground Up

By Michelle F. Solomon,, Special to, July 1, 2015 – Miami’s Ground Up & Rising production of Jonathan Caren’s The Recommendation is compelling on so many levels. Yet, what makes it so formidable doesn’t have much to do with the actors on stage; it’s more about what happens in between the lines. Playwright Caren’s engaging script about promises and betrayals, secrets and lies, the privileged and the not-so privileged, and what we all do to get ahead no matter […]

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Sarah Ashley, Molly Anne Ross and Malia Nicolini as The Andrews Sisters in Sisters of Swing / Photo by Dan Kelley

The Andrews Sisters Harmonize Stage Door’s Sisters Of Swing

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, June 24, 2015 – Harmony. When it’s sung well, a warm visceral sense of well-being and balance missing from much of human interaction just envelops the lucky listeners. The three actresses impersonating The Andrews Sisters in Broward Stage Door’s jukebox bio-musical Sisters of Swing don’t especially look like the real-life trio and when they sing solos, they don’t sound precisely like inimitable tones of Maxene, LaVerne or Patty. But when Sara Ashley, Malia Nicolini […]

Into The Woods already in the woods at Entr’acte Theatrix / Photo Carlo-Rubino Sabusap.

Entr’actre’s Into The Woods Is Appropriate Segue To Performers’ Second Act

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to,June 24, 2015 – At Entr’acte Theatrix’s production of Into The Woods, the special pleasure was watching nascent talent taking unsteady but ever more sure steps in their evolution en route to fully-blossomed professionalism. Certainly, some people sang better than others, some acted better than others. The ambitious lights and sound didn’t always come off with the desired precision. But a full-fledged review of the work running at the Crest Theatre at the Delray Center […]

Mike Westrich as Seymour comforts Amy Miller Brennan as Audrey in front of the human-eating Audrey II (Rick Pena is probably inside) in Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Little Shop of Horrors (Photo by Gemma Bramham)

Go Ahead, Feed The Plants: Slow Burn’s Fine Farewell To Boca

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, June 19, 2015 – Okay, everybody dies and the world is taken over by human-eating aliens, but Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Little Shop of Horrors delivers a happy ending to its five-year partnership with West Boca Community High School. The once-fledgling, now highly-acclaimed troupe got its first break with low-cost space from the school on the edge of the Everglades in February 2010 when it mounted Bat Boy. Beginning next fall, it will operate […]

20th Summer Shorts Even More Consistently Funny & Poignant

20th Summer Shorts Even More Consistently Funny & Poignant

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, June 17, 2015 – A nervous air passenger drives an off-duty pilot crazy with her worry about crashing, a Haitian immigrant wrestles with the cost of assimilation, a loving couple is depicted at two stages of their relationship – simultaneously, the new management of a previously buttoned down company seems to prefer employees who are puppets – literally. Intriguing premises are the jumping off points for the nine flights of theatrical whimsy in City […]

Joel Alexander, Danny Leonard, Daniel Gil and Rebecca Jimenez are Gen Y’ers on the cusp of trouble in Deborah Zoe Laufer’s Leveling Up (Photos by Eileen Suarez)

Gen Y’ers Struggle With Dehumanizing Technology In New Theatre’s Leveling Up

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, June 14, 2015 – Time and events move today with the speed of thought. When we read the script for Deborah Zoe Laufer’s play Leveling Up about two years ago, the premise seemed like a logical if unlikely extension of reality, satirically exaggerated to make a point and for dramatically enhanced theatricality. Now we’re not so sure. Perhaps the old joke is not so far-fetched that today’s cyber-obsessed gamers with their decade of heightened […]

Casa Valentina Explores The Men Beneath The Pearls And Lipstick

Casa Valentina Explores The Men Beneath The Pearls And Lipstick

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, June 12, 2015 – To a “straight” audience unfamiliar with transvestism, the most shocking moments in Casa Valentina about men gathering at a Catskills resort to dress in women’s clothes in 1962, the most telling moments occur when men wearing pearls and hosiery utter virulently homophobic sentiments. That’s because one of several takeaways from Harvey Fierstein’s thought-provoking play is that sexuality is not homogenously black or white. What Fierstein depicts is not even a […]

Partners Antonio Amadeo and Alex Alvarez try to cope with judgments of mother Laura Turnbull in Daniel’s Husband  (Photo by Robert Figueroa)

The Power And Pain Of Love In McKeever’s Daniel’s Husband

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, June 7. 2015 – No matter how serendipitously topical as it sounds, Daniel’s Husband is not so much about gay marriage, or marriage in general, or spousal health provider rights, or troubled childhoods or baggage-laden parental relations, all of which it certainly encompasses. Michael McKeever’s world premiere play at Island City Stage is an indelible and inarguable exhibit that love between human beings is unquantifiably precious and inarguably valid — regardless of sexuality. This […]

Melissa MacLeod Herion as witch Gillian Holroyd comforts her familiar Pyewacket played by Wee Thomas   (Photo by George Wentzler)

Bell Book And Candle Only Intermittently Casts A Spell

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, May 29, 2015 – Imagine you could have anything or anyone you wanted with virtually no effort; the prize might not feel quite as satisfying. Bell, Book and Candle postulates that magically being able to have what you want through magic doesn’t feel very magical once you get it. Broward Stage Door’s quite serviceable but not bewitching production of this 1951 fantasy love story doesn’t feel especially magical in the first act, but it […]

Theatre League Offers Free Readings All Summer And Free Tickets To Fully-Staged Plays

Theatre League Offers Free Readings All Summer And Free Tickets To Fully-Staged Plays

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, May 27, 2015 – Ticket prices are not an obstacle to interested theatergoers once again this summer through the South Florida Theatre League’s annual Summer Theatre Fest that provides free tickets to major productions and new plays in development by South Florida playwrights. There are two programs: Step Onto Our Stage provides free tickets to readings of plays in development every Monday from June 1 to August 31. The second Free Night of Theater […]

The debate begins at The Book Club Play with Barbara Sloan, Paul Tei, Lela Elam, Michael McKeever, Niki Fridh and Stephen G. Anthony (Photo by George Schiavone)

Fine Cast Still Can’t Make Book Club Much Of A Page Turner

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, May 24, 2015 – Professionalism is the only explanation why this much talent—the cream of South Florida theater from the director to the cast to the creative team — invested itself so deeply into the flawed frippery ofThe Book Club Play at Actors’ Playhouse. Inarguably, there are several laugh lines in Karen Zacarias’ mild smile of a comedy that has been bouncing around regional theaters for a few years. But what makes this mediocre […]

Tracey Conyer Lee

Dramaworks’ “Lady Day” Is A Tour De Force Play With Music

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, May 22, 2015 – Veil after veil are slowly stripped away from the elegant sophisticated stage persona that is “Billie Holiday” until standing exposed is a blunted devastated victim of racism, sexism and abuse – some imposed and some self-inflicted — in Palm Beach Dramaworks’ incisive Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill. Although the play occurs during a single club date, actress Tracey Conyer Lee and director J. Barry Lewis successfully chart Holiday’s […]