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O’Neil Delapenha as Iskinder, Kevin A. Walton as Dwight, and Christian Vandepas as Aaron Feldman in Ground Up & Rising’s The Recommendation

The Recommendation Satisfies In Its Subtleties At Ground Up

By Michelle F. Solomon,, Special to, July 1, 2015 – Miami’s Ground Up & Rising production of Jonathan Caren’s The Recommendation is compelling on so many levels. Yet, what makes it so formidable doesn’t have much to do with the actors on stage; it’s more about what happens in between the lines. Playwright Caren’s engaging script about promises and betrayals, secrets and lies, the privileged and the not-so privileged, and what we all do to get ahead no matter […]

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Sarah Ashley, Molly Anne Ross and Malia Nicolini as The Andrews Sisters in Sisters of Swing / Photo by Dan Kelley

The Andrews Sisters Harmonize Stage Door’s Sisters Of Swing

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, June 24, 2015 – Harmony. When it’s sung well, a warm visceral sense of well-being and balance missing from much of human interaction just envelops the lucky listeners. The three actresses impersonating The Andrews Sisters in Broward Stage Door’s jukebox bio-musical Sisters of Swing don’t especially look like the real-life trio and when they sing solos, they don’t sound precisely like inimitable tones of Maxene, LaVerne or Patty. But when Sara Ashley, Malia Nicolini […]

Into The Woods already in the woods at Entr’acte Theatrix / Photo Carlo-Rubino Sabusap.

Entr’actre’s Into The Woods Is Appropriate Segue To Performers’ Second Act

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to,June 24, 2015 – At Entr’acte Theatrix’s production of Into The Woods, the special pleasure was watching nascent talent taking unsteady but ever more sure steps in their evolution en route to fully-blossomed professionalism. Certainly, some people sang better than others, some acted better than others. The ambitious lights and sound didn’t always come off with the desired precision. But a full-fledged review of the work running at the Crest Theatre at the Delray Center […]

Mike Westrich as Seymour comforts Amy Miller Brennan as Audrey in front of the human-eating Audrey II (Rick Pena is probably inside) in Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Little Shop of Horrors (Photo by Gemma Bramham)

Go Ahead, Feed The Plants: Slow Burn’s Fine Farewell To Boca

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, June 19, 2015 – Okay, everybody dies and the world is taken over by human-eating aliens, but Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Little Shop of Horrors delivers a happy ending to its five-year partnership with West Boca Community High School. The once-fledgling, now highly-acclaimed troupe got its first break with low-cost space from the school on the edge of the Everglades in February 2010 when it mounted Bat Boy. Beginning next fall, it will operate […]

Michael Uribe and Chris Crawford try to make a connection in The Little Dog Laughed  (Photo by Robert Figueroa)

Satire Skewers Pursuit Of Celebrity In “The Little Dog Laughed”

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, April 23, 2015 – Can a meaningful relationship blossom in a world where cynicism and self-interest seem to trump integrity and burgeoning affection? Island City Stage’s production of Douglas Carter Beane’s hilarious and touching The Little Dog Laughed explores the conundrum set amid the pragmatism of 21st Century seekers of fortune and fame in the shallows of a celebrity-centric culture. The solid cast under Michael Leeds’ direction mines both the copious Dorothy Parker-style wit […]

Dennis Watkins, star and playwright of The Magnificents from The House Theatre of Chicago playing at the Arsht (Photo by Michael Brosilow)

The Magnificents Is Old Fashioned Entertainment

By Michelle F. Solomon,, Special to, April 22, 2015 – A full moon hangs high above stage left, birds chirp. It feels as if you’re out in the middle of nowhere. The time? Somewhere back in time. The quiet is interrupted by Carnies, three carnival act types who hoot and holler to the audience and begin to show off their wares. You’re in the middle of a sideshow, and these are the players: There’s the strong man, the clown […]

No day but today: The cast of Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Rent (Photo by Gemma Bramham)

Slow Burn Theatre’s Ambitious Rent Pays Off In Spectacle

By Michelle F. Solomon,, Special to, April 21, 2015 – Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Rent is ambitious, daring, electric and 2 hours and 30-something minutes of non-stop rock ‘n’ roll — a no-holds barred, take chances, go-out-on-a-limb spectacle. But when stripped of the aforementioned spectacle, the characters in this Rent, some of them facing death, with others living in the shadows of HIV/AIDs, lack life. Rent is an ambitious project because of the scope, for sure (large cast, through-sung, […]

The House Theatre has magic to do in The Magnificents opening this week at the Arsht Center’s Theater Up Close series (Photo by Michael Brosilow)

“The Magnificents” Is Theatrical Ode To Classic Magic At Arsht

By Michelle F. Solomon,, Special to, April 8, 2015 – If the House Theater of Chicago’s Death and Harry Houdini was about neglecting life in the pursuit of conquering death, The Magnificents is the other side of the coin. “The Magnificents is about a guy who is really trying to reclaim his life in the face of death,” says the House’s Artistic Director Nathan Allen. Allen wrote Houdini, which played the Adrienne Arsht Center’s Carnival Theater in 2012 as […]

Intriguing Thought-Provoking Look At The Nature Of God On GableStage’s “New Jerusalem”

Intriguing Thought-Provoking Look At The Nature Of God On GableStage’s “New Jerusalem”

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, Apr. 5, 2015 –  Paul: It must be nice to always believe you know better. To think you’re always the smartest person in the room. Jane: No, it’s awful. Oh my, it’s awful. —James Brooks’ Broadcast News Baruch de Spinoza was the smartest person in the room, possibly in Western Civilization, then and now. And like another gentle Jew, he sacrificed everything because he was congenitally compelled to proselytize his vision of God’s […]

Rob Donohoe and Paul Tei as two members of of the venal family in Palm Beach Dramaworks’ Buried Child  (Photo by Alicia Donelan)

Palm Beach Dramaworks To Unearth Shepard’s Buried Child

By Michelle F. Solomon,, Special to, Mar. 30, 2015 – Director J. Barry Lewis has a way of approaching a play like Sam Shepard’s Buried Child, the Pulitzer Prize-winning work that gets a staging by Palm Beach Dramaworks beginning March 27 and through the month of April. “Sometimes with a play like this, you just have to let it wash over you,” says Lewis, about the surrealistic drama that a New York Times reviewer described as a play where […]

The cast of Les Miserables at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre (Photos by Alicia Donelan)

The Sound Of Music Is Maltz’s Secret To Stunning “Les Miz”

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, Mar 17, 2015 – Viewing the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s Les Misérables is like watching an art restorer wipe away decades of obscuring grime from a canvas and savoring what you forgot was hidden underneath – even seeing colors you didn’t know were there. This sentiment comes from someone who has seen the show at least seven times including its first year in London, and who would put this edition up against every one of […]

Erin Joy Schmidt and Matt Stabile, right, are dismayed by the junk that Todd Allen Durkin has brought home in Uncertain Terms at The Theatre at Arts Garage ( Photos by David Nail)

Tyrrell’s Arts Garage Takes Final Bow With “Uncertain Terms”

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, Mar 11, 2015 – The key to enjoying world premieres like Uncertain Terms at The Theatre at Arts Garage is to understand that you are seeing a work in progress as opposed to a polished product bruited on Broadway or enshrined in print. That was the educational legacy of Arts Garage’s progenitor Florida Stage – teaching an audience how to appreciate the first appearance of a work in the new paradigm of playwriting. An […]