Storms Give Way to Heat and Haze


Tonight (NWS)

Tonight (NWS)

By Donna Thomas, Meteorologist, July 23, 2014 – Wednesday is a transitional weather day for South Florida, as our stormy pattern is replaced by heat and haze. Look for a few stray storms on Wednesday, with the emphasis on hazy skies (thanks to Saharan dust) and highs in the low 90s (but feeling hotter). Thursday will see rain chances drop, with hazy skies and highs mostly in the low 90s but a bit hotter in some inland locations. The pattern will hold through the weekend.

In the Atlantic, Tropical Depression # 2 is showing signs of weakening as it enters an increasingly hostile environment. At 5 am on Wednesday, TD # 2 was centered near 13.9 North, 53.2 West, about 550 miles from the Lesser Antilles. The depression had maximum winds estimated at 35 miles per hour and was racing west-northwest at 20 miles per hour. TD # 2 is forecast to turn into an open wave on Thursday. In any event, it will bring rain and gusty winds to the islands late on Wednesday.map_tropprjpath02_ltst_5nhato_enus_650x366