“Miley” returned to the sea (Video)

ISP01By FloridaKeysNewsBureau For, May 3, 2015 – ISLAMORADA, Florida Keys — A rehabilitated, sub adult loggerhead sea turtle named after pop singer Miley Cyrus was released off the Florida Keys Saturday after convalescing at the Florida Keys-based Turtle Hospital.

“Miley,” was discovered floating off the Upper Florida Keys in early March. The rescuers who found her noticed the turtle’s rear end was gyrating and dubbed her “Miley,” for Miley Cyrus’ expressive dance moves she once coined “twerking.”

The 120-pound reptile was treated at the Turtle Hospital for almost two months for an intestinal impaction.

“At the Turtle Hospital, we administered antibiotics, lactulose, vitamins and a healthy diet of squid and fish,” said Turtle Hospital Manager Bette Zirkelbach. “Miley is swimming strong, is healthy and is no longer ‘twerking.'”

The hospital is one of the few veterinary centers in the world dedicated solely to treating sea turtles. More than 1,500 turtles have been treated and released since the facility’s 1986 opening in Marathon.