Late Showers and Storms, Cristobal Inches Away

Doc1By Donna Thomas, Meteorologist, Aug 25, 2014 – South Florida will see late showers and storms on Monday, as Tropical Storm Cristobal inches away from the Bahamas. After a steamy morning, our afternoon will feature highs in the low 90s, building clouds, and late showers and storms. Just a few showers and maybe a stray storm will be around on Tuesday and Wednesday, and highs will again be in the sticky low 90s. Afternoon storms return on Thursday and Friday, and afternoon temperatures in the low 90s will be in the forecast.

Tropical Storm Cristobal is battling wind shear as it slowly moves away from the Bahamas. As of 5 am Monday, Cristobal was located near 24.5 North, 72.8 West, or 110 miles east-northeast of San Salvador Island. Top winds were 50 miles per hour, and the storm was creeping north at 3 miles per hour. An eventual northeastward turn will take Cristobal away from the U.S. coast and into the open Atlantic, but the storm is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane by early Wednesday. Meanwhile, the National Hurricane Center gives a wave in the central Atlantic a low chance of developing over the next several days.