If Lil Wayne Gets $18 Million For Home, He’ll Still Owe Banks $4 MILLION!

Lil Wayne, in concert (Splash News photo)

Lil Wayne, in concert (Splash News photo)

By Jose Lambiet,, Special to, April 7, 2015 – MIAMI BEACH — Sick and tired that just about everybody in Miami Beach knows where his La Gorce Circle house is, rapper Lil Wayne listed the eight-bedroom mansion for sale last week.

Thing is: Even if a buyer were to pay the asking price of $18 million, the diminutive singer of Lollypop likely won’t see any of the cash.

Actually, Weezy might end up owing a few millions.

Say what?

First, there’s a giant Internal Revenue Service lien on the house to pay for Wayne’s alleged failure to pay  his income taxes in full in 2012, according to tax records.

He owes, the paperwork shows, just shy of $12 million.