Eight Key West restaurants for authentic local flavor

Happy hour eats at Alonzo’s

Happy hour eats at Alonzo’s

By Bonnie Gross,, Special to, May 1, 2015 – Key West has so many restaurants that it’s hard to make a decision where to eat.  Next time I go, though, I have an intriguing list of restaurants filled with local color and character– and I’m sharing it with you.

My list comes via a terrific blog — – produced by Titus Ruscitti (aka KingT), a Chicago foodie who loves to explore in a style Florida Rambler approves. Ruscitti writes: “I’m the type who starts looking at fun local places to eat and drink before I even start looking at where to stay when planning a vacation. When time allows in summer I really like to get around by car and explore the different regional eats of our country.”

So when Ruscitti visited Key West, one of his first stops was the Hogfish Grill, which he discovered via Florida Rambler. His verdict:  “So good I went there three times.”

Fortunately,  Ruscitti continued to eat  his way through Key West.

He posted an extensive story about Key West, including his favorite attractions and things to do, on his own blog. And he agreed to let Florida Rambler highlight eight restaurants he recommended for true Key West flavor. (There’s a lot more on KingT’s blog, so if you like this, visit it.)

Here’s KingT’s take on the best local food and restaurants in Key West: