Company Owned by Celine Dion’s Sick Husband Secures $35 MILLION-MORTGAGE!


Celine Dion’s house, used as collateral for a $35 million-loan (MLS Photo)

By Jose Lambiet,, Special to, June 1, 2015 – JUPITER ISLAND — A company owned by Canadian singer Celine Dion‘s cancer-stricken husband Rene Angelil just obtained a $35 million-mortgage!

And it’s using the chanteuse’s Jupiter Island home as collateral, according to records obtained by Gossip Extra.

The huge balloon mortgage, which is due to be fully reimbursed by Dec. 31, 2019, was secured by National Bank of Canada with Dion’s three mansions.

There’s also a $20 million-behemoth in Vegas and a $25 million country estate near Montreal.

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The bank valued the Jupiter Island compound, which is on the market for $62.5 million, at about $35 million for the purpose of collateral assets.