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Kala Kaminsky and Jim Gibbons in Evening Star Productions’ The Gin Game

Minor Quibbles Aside, Success Still In The Cards For “Gin Game”

By John Thomason,, Special to, May 7, 2015 – If you’ve ever had a parent or grandparent sequestered in a nursing home, you’ll find much in D.L. Coburn’s The Gin Gamethat is deeply unsettling. More so than the play’s sudden violence or its firecracker bursts of profanity, it’s The Gin Game’s references to nursing homes as God’s waiting rooms that stick with you. “You live long enough, soon enough you’re going to end up in a place like this,” […]

For sale, then not for sale: Actor Tommy Lee Jones’ polo ranch in Wellington (MLS photo)

Tommy Lee Jones Throws a Fit Over Wellington Ranch Listing . . . Pulls it Off The Market!

By Jose Lambiet,, Special to, Mar 4, 2015 – WELLINGTON — Oscar winner Tommy Lee Jones is less successful at unloading real estate than at chasing wayward aliens. The Men in Black star just pulled off the market his sprawling polo ranch in Wellington — just days after it was listed. Why? From what I hear, one of his staffers took it upon himself to list the ranch without the surly actor’s permission. Obviously, that’s a no-no! It’s yet […]

Broward Judge Cynthia Imperato: 20 days without pay for DUI! (PBSO photo)

Drunk-Driving Judge Cynthia Imperato Fined $5,000, Suspended Without Pay!

By Jose Lambiet,, Special to, Mar 2, 2015 – FORT LAUDERDALE — Cynthia Imperato, a Broward County Circuit Court judge arrested for DUI last year, now knows her punishment from the legal community. The Florida Judicial Qualification Commission, which disciplines judges, has recommended a $5,000-fine, 20-day suspension without pay, alcohol treatment and a public reprimand for her 2013 arrest in Boca Raton, according to papers obtained by Gossip Extra. The commission cited the fact that Imperato tried to impress […]

Photo of a different production of The Toxic Avenger, part of Actors’ Playhouse’s next season (Photo by Paula Wilson)

New Seasons In Spotlight At The Wick And Actors’ Playhouse

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to Feb 27, 2015 – Familiar titles and lesser known shows punctuate the 2015-2016 schedules released this week for The Wick Theatre in Boca Raton and Actors Playhouse on the Miracle Mile, ranging from West Side Story to Curtains. In its upcoming third season, The Wick Theatre is once again doubling down its bet with a new summer season and a 2015-2016 schedule featuring the kind of mainstream blockbusters that have resulted in nearly […]

State Rep. Katie Edwards

Bill Would Help Condos, HOAs

By Buddy Nevins,, Special to, Feb 26, 2015 – In a move designed to strengthen neighborhoods, state Rep. Katie Edwards is sponsoring a bill which would change the way fees and taxes were handled in foreclosures. Under current law, home and condo owners are responsible for the association fees and property taxes.  But owners are already in financial difficulty during a foreclosure and often don’t pay the fees and taxes. Edwards’ bill would require lenders pursuing foreclosure to take […]

Host Andrea Ocampo

9th Annual Boca Concours Hangar Party (Video)

By, Boca Raton, Feb 24, 2015 – It was three spectacular days February 20, 21, & 22, 2015 as we commemorated the 9th Annual Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance. The Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance is the fastest growing Concours in the nation and the world’s largest for charity. The weekend’s activities began with Friday night’s duPont Registry™ Live, a spectacular hangar party held at Atlantic Aviation at the Boca Raton Airport, there was a display of exotic cars, custom motorcycles, extravagant […]

Patti Gardner, Mike Westrich, Cassie Levine and Avi Hoffman do-wop during Stars of David: Story To Song (Photo by Ian Ibbetson)

Stars Of David Is Touching, Funny Revue About Identity

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, Feb 21, 2015 – Seeking an answer to “Who am I?” is the defining journey of most lives, and our religious heritage is part of the eternally elusive solution, even if we don’t embrace that religion or its culture. Such is the soul of Stars of David: Story To Song, a musical revue, which, despite its cripplingly kitschy title, is a surprisingly entertaining, witty and poignant look at how Jewish-Americans struggle on that journey. […]

Singer Billy Joel at Tramonti the other day on Delray Beach’s Atlantic Avenue (via Facebook)

Billy Joel in Manalapan Land Buying Spree . . . Rocker Spends $40 Million!

By Jose Lambiet,, Special to, Feb 21, 2015 – MANALAPAN — Rocker Billy Joel has just agreed to buy a $22 million beachfront house in Manalapan, Gossip Extra has learned. It’s the third major purchase of adjacent land plots on South Ocean Boulevard by the singer of Moving Outand Honesty over the past year! When the ink dries on the deed for the new place Joel, 65, will have paid a total $40 million for the properties! He’ll then […]

Peter Allas puts the hard sell on Dan Leonard while Rob Donohue watches (Photo by Alicia Donelan)

Maltz Sells Scorching, Atypically Profane Glengarry Glen Ross

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, Feb 17, 2015 – In Death of a Salesman in 1949, Arthur Miller declared that the pyrrhic pursuit of the American Dream was a tragic waste because the fool’s gold was a hollow fraud; in Glengarry Glen Ross in 1982, David Mamet excoriated Americans for having not learned anything. Worse, Mamet contended that the dogged quest itself had become the way that too many Americans defined themselves – a doomed pursuit that infected the […]

David Cassidy, last month at JAZZIZ in Boca Raton (Photo by Mike Jachles)


By Jose Lambiet,, Special to, Feb 13, 2015 – FORT LAUDERDALE — Aging heartthrob David Cassidy filed for bankruptcy yesterday in a federal court in Fort Lauderdale, according to records. The star of the long ago sitcom The Partridge Family and singer of the 1970s anthem I Think I Love You reported in his Chapter 11 filing he has nearly $500,000 worth of debts that he’s not able to pay back. — Click here to view the filing Cassidy, 64, […]

“Bride” Gladys Ramirez is having a meltdown in front of family and friends at a “divorce ceremony” (Photos by George Wentzler)

Parade Productions’ Undo Charts Divorce By Replaying Wedding In Reverse

By Bill Hirschman,, Special to, Feb 13, 2015 – While the dramedy Undo occurs very much in the present, time flows back and forth and eddies in whirlpools as members of an extended family reevaluate regrets and secrets. The premise – an imaginary Jewish divorce ceremony that rewinds a couple’s wedding day step by step — sounds so much like a sitcom episode that you keep expecting it to slide into shallow farce at any second. But it doesn’t. […]

International Blues Challenge Winner Selwyn Birchwood to perform in Boca Raton

International Blues Challenge Winner Selwyn Birchwood to perform in Boca Raton

“Birchwood is a young, powerhouse guitarist and soulful vocalist. DON’T CALL NO AMBULANCE is a remarkable debut by a major player. A damn fine listen through and through. Highly recommended.” –Rolling Stone “Selwyn Birchwood is an indelibly modern and original next-generation bluesman; his tough vocals, guitar and lap steel touch on classic Chicago blues, Southern soul and boogie.” –Washington Post Florida’s rising young blues star Selwyn Birchwood, the winner (in a field of over 125 other bands) of the 2013 […]