Broward County Commission Meeting

Broward County Commission Meeting

There will be an important Broward County Board of County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, August 11. Please RSVP below if you can make it and show your support! Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2015 Time: 2PM Location: County Commission Chambers 115 South Andrews Ave, Room 430 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 *To speak, complete a “Comments by the Public” card and give it to the Public Affairs representative seated near the speaker’s podium. Click Here to RSVP

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Cassini Captures Breathtaking View of Saturn’s Dione

By IAN O’NEILL, Discovery News, June 19, 2015 – On Tuesday (June 16), NASA’s Cassini mission had an EXTREMELY close encounter with one of Saturn’s cratered moons, Dione. At a distance of only 321 miles (516 kilometers), this close approach was Cassini’s fourth flyby of its mission — but it wasn’t the closest. During the spacecraft’s third flyby on Dec. 12, 2011, Cassini swooped only 62 miles (99 kilometers) from the moon’s cratered surface. PHOTO: Cassini Gets Final, Stunning View of Saturn’s […]

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Study shows non-profit, low-cost weight loss program has long-term results

Study shows non-profit, low-cost weight loss program has long-term results

By David Kelly | University Communications, June 15, 2015 – AURORA, Colo. – As America’s obesity epidemic continues to grow, a new study from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus shows that a low-cost, non-profit weight loss program offers the kind of long-term results that often elude dieters. “We know that people lose weight and then gain it back,” said study author Nia S. Mitchell, MD, MPH, a researcher with the Division of General Internal Medicine at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at […]

Chief Donald DiPetrillo

School Board Accused Of Ignoring Fire Safety

By Buddy Nevins,, Special to, June 12, 2015 – When the Broward County School Board wanted voters to approve $800 million in new bonds, they said, “Protecting Children’s safety should be a top priority.” Those exact words were on campaign literature and on their lips…repeatedly… as they promised some of the bond money would go towards improving safety in schools. Now it is six months since voters approved the bonds and School Board members clearly have changed their tune. […]

Keele University

15-Year-Old Boy Discovers New Planet 1,000 Light-Years From Earth

By Dominique Mosbergen, Huffington Post, June 11, 2015 – This is Tom Wagg. He’s an avid space buff, and at the age of 15, he achieved something most astronomers can only dream of. He discovered a new planet. According to the U.K.’s Keele University, Wagg was engaged in a work-experience program at the college two years ago when “he spotted the planet by finding a tiny dip in the light of a star as a planet passed in front of it.” […]

Doral College executives, State Sen. Anitere Flores, left and Rep. Manny Diaz Jr.

Connections, conflicts and $600K in deal criticized by Miami-Dade schools auditor

By Francisco Alvarado,, Special to, June 11, 2015 – Since 2013, a non-accredited college employing two Miami-Dade state legislators as its top executives has collected $600,000 in state charter school funds for offering high school students virtually worthless two-year degrees. The arrangement has drawn criticism from Miami-Dade Public Schools Chief Auditor Jose Montes de Oca, who questioned charter school spending for Doral College’s dual enrollment program, according to a report presented to members of the school board’s audit committee […]

In this NASA Hubble Space Telescope image of the central region of the galaxy NGC 3862, an extragalactic jet of material moving at nearly the speed of light can be seen at the three o'clock position. The jet of ejected plasma is powered by energy from a supermassive black hole at the center of the elliptical galaxy, which is located 260 million light-years away in the constellation of Leo.

Hubble Witness to Relativistic Crash in a Black Hole Jet

BY IAN O’NEILL, Discovery News – June 4, 2015 – Often we mistakenly view astronomy as a static science — the distant universe is constant and unchanging, right? Not only is this mindset woefully inaccurate, astronomers can also prove it over timescales of only a few years. Take, for example, this stunning observation by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Astronomers have stitched together 20 years-worth of images of the spiral galaxy NGC 3862, which is located some 260 million light-years from […]

June 3, 1965 Edward H. White II became the first American to step outside his spacecraft and let go (NASA)

Fifty years of Spacewalks – “A Holy Molly Kind Of Moment”

By Mark Young, Managing Editor, June 3, 2015 – NASA is celebrating 50 Years of Spacewalks with the release of a 30-minute documentary. One astronaut, Michael Lopez-Alegria summed it up “It was a holy molly kind of moment.”  Here’s some additional info from NASA: “It’s been 50 years since NASA’s first EVA when Ed White went out on Gemini 4. We’ve come a long way.” This NASA documentary celebrates 50 years of extravehicular activity (EVA) or spacewalks that began with […]

Broward School Supt. Robert Runcie

Broward School Board backs Runcie on keeping public off selection committee

By William Hladky,, Special to, May 26, 2015 – In the face of public suspicion, a majority of the Broward School Board last week allowed Superintendent Robert Runcie’s move to exclude the public from sitting on a committee that will select companies to manage $800 million in voter-approved construction projects. The suspicion: that Runcie and Derek Messier, his chief facilities officer, want to get around contracting reforms imposed after a scandal in order to control who gets the lucrative […]

What Music Therapists Do and Who Can Benefit?

What Music Therapists Do and Who Can Benefit?

By Dr. Michelle Hintz, Psychologist, for, May 18, 2015 – Did you know that most music therapists are trained psychotherapists who use music as the medium for therapy? Although music therapy is a well-established intervention treatment, similar to occupational or physical therapy, it can be hard to visualize exactly what it entails. The American Music Therapy Association, Inc. defines the practice as “using music therapeutically to address physical, psychological, cognitive, behavioral and/or social functioning.” Used intentionally, music can facilitate healing […]

Kids show off their retail skills during KIDS, INC. at The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale

Young Entrepreneurs Invited To Set Up Shop For A Day At The Galleria

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  — Promoting retail entrepreneurism among today’s youth, The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale is proud to invite children ranging in age from six to 15-years to participate in the annual KIDS, INC. program. This innovative, educational program is being hosted at select Jones Lang LaSalle-managed shopping centers throughout the U.S., including The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale. To register for KIDS, INC., children and their parents can complete an application form and return it to The Galleria or submit […]

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Parents Can Learn Strategies for Behavioral Problems Associated with Autism

By Dr. Michelle Hintz, Psychologist, for, May 14, 2015 – Parent training for dealing with young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can reduce serious behavioral problems, including tantrums, aggression, self-injury, and non-compliance through a structured, 24-week parent training course, according to a study published in late April in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. Understandably, parents can easily be overwhelmed by these behaviors and the difficult situations, such as the extreme public meltdowns that happen when a […]

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