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TSA’s New Plan to Make Screening Less Efficient

TSA’s New Plan to Make Screening Less Efficient

By Gary Leff, View From The Wing, June 14, 2015 – Earlier in the month when it was revealed that a government study found the TSA was failing to detect 95% of bombs and weapons, and I predicted (and feared) this would mean a crackdown at the checkpoint and limitations on the PreCheck program. My fear is that the bureaucratic response of do something will be the natural path here. If the TSA isn’t working, it needs to crack down. We’ll […]

NASA is starting to upload 4K, 60fps videos to YouTube

NASA is starting to upload 4K, 60fps videos to YouTube

By Sean O’Kane, TheVerge, June 13, 2015 – The vast beauty of space is about to look even more beautiful on your computer screen. Starting today, NASA will offer “4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD)” videos on YouTube, taking advantage of the site’s relatively new ability to serve up 4K videos at a super smooth frame rate of 60 frames-per-second. The first UHD video, seen above, is a (frustratingly) short tease of the beautiful moving images that are sure to come. It was […]

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Mystery Broward Sheriff Candidate Gives Campaign $500 Cash

Mystery Broward Sheriff Candidate Gives Campaign $500 Cash

By RedBroward, Special to, June 13, 2015 – Florida election law prohibits candidates from accepting cash contributions over fifty dollars. Section 106.09(1)(a) states, “A person may not make an aggregate cash contribution…to the same candidate or committee in excess of $50 per election.” According to the law, anyone who accepts more than $50 in cash, “commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.” Accepting more than $5000 is a felony. According to his latest campaign financial report filed with the Broward Supervisor of Elections […]

A crew member aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Vigilant offloads a bale of marijuana at Coast Guard Base Miami Beach, Florida, June 12. While on patrol, the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Resolute interdicted 3,100 pounds of marijuana northeast of Panama. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Mark Barney.

Coast Guard displays $14M worth of seized cocaine, marijuana

By Doug Phillips Sun Sentinel, June 12, 2015 – Cocaine and marijuana worth nearly $14 million arrived Friday at the Coast Guard base in Miami Beach.  According to the agency, the drugs were confiscated during two recent seizures off the coasts of Columbia and Panama. On May 22, 14 bales of cocaine that were jettisoned from a go-fast boat were recovered after the Columbian Air Force maritime patrol alerted two cutters —Bear and Vigiliant— to a suspicious vessel northwest of Columbia, […]

AARP members watch as Lisa Suennen moderates this year's 50 Live Pitch Event at the Miami Beach Convention Center.
(Credit Lisann Ramos)

Entrepreneurs Pitch Mobile Apps Geared To Seniors

By Editor of WUSF News – June 12, 2015 – Mary Theresa Anderson is sitting in the back of a Miami Beach Convention Center ballroom, listening as entrepreneurs pitch health apps geared toward her and other retirees. The former trauma nurse from Maryland follows along as venture capitalists drill aspiring businessmen and women about products offering brain exercises, real-time health monitoring, even online vitamin delivery. From FitBits to smartphone calorie counters, mobile health apps are one the fastest-growing parts of today’s […]

Calvon “Andre” Reid

Creek police clear cops in Taser case where Calvon Reid died

By Lisa J. Huriash Sun Sentinel, June 11, 2015 – A Coconut Creek Police Department investigation has cleared three officers who used a stun gun on an unarmed man who subsequently died. The internal probe in the February incident uncovered “absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing” according to the lawyer representing the officers. But the State Attorney’s Office still must review the case before deciding whether criminal charges are warranted. Coconut Creek Police Sgt. Henry Cabrera said the three officers returned to their […]

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Many older adults going online to discuss, learn about sex

By Liza Berdychevsky, University of Illinois , June 11, 2015 – CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Forget those ageist stereotypes that senior citizens have little interest in sex and are befuddled by technology. Many older adults are going online to dish about the joys of sex and swap advice about keeping their mojos working well into their twilight years, a new study found. “Many older people preserve both a high interest in sex and a high involvement in sexual activities,” said researcher Liza Berdychevsky, a […]

Keele University

15-Year-Old Boy Discovers New Planet 1,000 Light-Years From Earth

By Dominique Mosbergen, Huffington Post, June 11, 2015 – This is Tom Wagg. He’s an avid space buff, and at the age of 15, he achieved something most astronomers can only dream of. He discovered a new planet. According to the U.K.’s Keele University, Wagg was engaged in a work-experience program at the college two years ago when “he spotted the planet by finding a tiny dip in the light of a star as a planet passed in front of it.” […]

Mix of sun, clouds and storms today

Mix of sun, clouds and storms today

By Ken Kaye, Sun Sentinel, June 11, 2015 – Light to moderate rain showers have been moving across much of the region during the overnight hours, so watch for some possibly slick roadways on your morning commute. Otherwise, expect some sun but mostly a lot of clouds today. It also should be hot with scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. South Florida’s Thursday forecast calls for a mix fo sun and clouds with highs in the upper 80s, lows in […]

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Dwarf Planet Ceres Revealed in Amazing Video

By Mike Wall, Senior Writer, June 10, 2015 – An amazing new video lets viewers fly over and around the dwarf planet Ceres, getting a great look at its heavily cratered surface. The new Ceres video, which NASA released today (June 8), was created using 80 images captured by the space agency’s Dawn spacecraft. Some photos were taken from Dawn’s first mapping orbit of the dwarf planet, which lay at an altitude of about 8,400 miles (13,600 kilometers), while […]

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Dr. Brenda Snipes

Broward Supervisor of Elections remains under fire

By Mark Young, Managing Editor, June 9, 2015 – Broward’s Supervisor of Elections, Dr. Brenda Snipes, is under fire from County Commissioners concerning  the SOEs private attorney SOE Burnadette Norris Weeks. has previously posted some stories from RedBroward and BrowardBeat. Both publications have posted several updated stories. We’re sure there will be more articles in the days to come. Below are excerpts from the postings and a link to the full articles: Election Office Atty Strikes Back At Criticism Posted by Buddy […]

Aviation Director Emilio T. González (right) displays MDAD’s enlarged civil penalty check and addresses MIA’s security consortium (MDAD)

MIA collects fines of $89,000 from man who made bomb threat

(MIAMI) June 5, 2015 – To demonstrate that making a bomb threat in an airport is no laughing matter, Miami International Airport officials yesterday displayed enlarged checks in the amounts of $83,581 payable to the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) and $5,653 for the Miami-Dade Police Department – the result of civil violation fines levied against a passenger who made false bomb threats at MIA last October. The threats, which the passenger later said were jokes, shut down parts of MIA for […]